Amanda’s Corner

Amanda is a 35 year-old mother of two amazing children who works full time and is married to Mark.  Amanda had struggled with her weight on and off for years and had tried almost every diet system and exercise plan before following the coaching from Optimally Balanced.  Her husband had first turned to Optimally Balanced a few years ago after multiple medical issues impacted his mobility.  After Mark found so much success with the program (he regained mobility and reduced pain) that Amanda gave it a try.  Amanda believed in the program so much she became a coach and blogger.  Amanda really enjoys crafts, cooking, and doing things with her kids and husband.  She also has two dogs and a cat.

Obese Models: The New Normal?

Is glorifying obesity promoting healthy self-esteem or are we really creating new health crisis? What are we really doing by promoting body acceptance? Is media trying to create positive self-esteem at the cost of global health? A look at how media is shaping our lives self-esteem, self-confidence, body acceptance, and how their challenging the unrealistic fashion industry standards is challenging the standards of health.

Wanting A Quick Fix

Let’s think about this for a minute, there are many quick fixes on the market but they all require changes in your diet, exercise and mentality for long term results. The techniques that “shrink” our fat cells are great but if we continue to eat poorly and not exercise, our fat cells will refill over time. The techniques that suck out our fat cells sound even better, but if we continue to eat poorly and not exercise, our remaining fat cells can grow larger in other places causing different problems.

Meals with Friends

How our friends can sabotage our efforts to be healthy and how to stop them!   During the past two days, I have observed one of the most frustrating yet common scenarios play out among the women in my office.  Sometime during the morning, four of us begin to discuss our lunch plans when one […]

When the Holidays Aren’t Merry and Bright

You are not alone in your sadness during the Holidays or your loneliness or your anxiety. You are not alone in wanting to give your kids every item on their list and yet not knowing how you will afford even one item. You are not alone in wishing someone who has passed away was here with you now. You are not alone even if you are spending the Holidays alone this year.

Food Guilt

Have you ever eaten something just because you spent a lot on it?  Or because someone specific made it?  Maybe you finished the last few bites of your restaurant meal because it wasn’t enough to take home but you didn’t want to “waste it?”  Or maybe your mother-in-law dropped off a freshly baked cheesecake that […]

Donuts, Apple Cider and Pies… oh my!!!

Don’t fall back into old eating habits and sabotage your nutrition and fitness goals this Autumn! What is it about October 1st that already makes your pants feel tight?!  The abundancy of pumpkin spice everything and the promise of upcoming Halloween treats makes my heart and stomach flutter!  If we aren’t careful, October 1st can […]

Numbers on a Scale

Day time talk shows and soap operas cannot compete with the drama in my bathroom this morning!  I stepped on the scale, expecting to see a number at least one less than the number just a few days earlier.  Let’s be real, I would even have settled for ounces less than the prior reading.  But […]

Can Sex and Chronic Pain Mix?

Let’s Get Personal… Sex, Intimacy & Chronic Pain! I received a lot of mostly positive feedback last week about my blog on how your partner’s chronic pain can impact your marriage.  One topic I didn’t talk much about was how it can impact intimacy within a marriage or more bluntly how it can impact sexual […]

The Mistress in My Marriage

This post is a little more personal and probably a little longer than my usual posts so please bear with me! I’ve had a few situations occur in the past two weeks that have really motivated me to share what it’s like to live with someone who is in Chronic Pain. I have usually been […]

What is it about the Weekends???

What is it about the weekends that makes it nearly impossible to stick to our healthy eating/exercise/mentality plans? I’m really good at sticking to a routine and schedule throughout the week; I continue to maintain my nutrition, fitness and mentality with after-care plans (my word, not theirs) from my time utilizing the program. For example, […]

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

I read an article today in a very popular magazine published by someone I usually agree with and admire (except the time she highly recommended this incredibly awful hole in the wall hamburger place in Miami but I don’t mean to digress). The article suggested multiple restaurants and ice cream shops in every state in […]

A Week of Temptations

My birthday week is always a challenging week for me diet wise.  No matter my best intentions, I end up eating more than intended and working out less than intended.  Basically I become very unbalanced.   Given I am an Optimally Balanced Coach and veteran, I would like to sit here and tell you I easily […]

Unpredictable Work Schedule

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