A Week of Temptations

My birthday week is always a challenging week for me diet wise.  No matter my best intentions, I end up eating more than intended and working out less than intended.  Basically I become very unbalanced.   Given I am an Optimally Balanced Coach and veteran, I would like to sit here and tell you I easily […]

What is it about the Weekends???

What is it about the weekends that makes it nearly impossible to stick to our healthy eating/exercise/mentality plans? I’m really good at sticking to a routine and schedule throughout the week; I continue to maintain my nutrition, fitness and mentality with after-care plans (my word, not theirs) from my time utilizing the program. For example, […]

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Food Guilt

Have you ever eaten something just because you spent a lot on it?  Or because someone specific made it?  Maybe you finished the last few bites of your restaurant meal because it wasn’t enough to take home but you didn’t want to “waste it?”  Or maybe your mother-in-law dropped off a freshly baked cheesecake that […]