Can Sex and Chronic Pain Mix?

Let’s Get Personal… Sex, Intimacy & Chronic Pain! I received a lot of mostly positive feedback last week about my blog on how your partner’s chronic pain can impact your marriage.  One topic I didn’t talk much about was how it can impact intimacy within a marriage or more bluntly how it can impact sexual […]

Obese Models: The New Normal?

Is glorifying obesity promoting healthy self-esteem or are we really creating new health crisis? What are we really doing by promoting body acceptance? Is media trying to create positive self-esteem at the cost of global health? A look at how media is shaping our lives self-esteem, self-confidence, body acceptance, and how their challenging the unrealistic fashion industry standards is challenging the standards of health.

A Week of Temptations

My birthday week is always a challenging week for me diet wise.  No matter my best intentions, I end up eating more than intended and working out less than intended.  Basically I become very unbalanced.   Given I am an Optimally Balanced Coach and veteran, I would like to sit here and tell you I easily […]