We have created a system that integrates the complexities of the human body and is customizable for every client.  Our System is based on the belief that there is a fundamental connection between our mind (our cognition and emotions) and our physical body. This connection is symbiotic, dynamic and highly responsive.  In other words, our System focuses on the 3 pillars of health- Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Mentality.  We strive to help you find a balance between these 3 pillars and within each pillar.

Let’s take a closer look!  First, the 3 major pillars have an inter-related relationship; they do not stand alone.  Nutrition impacts both our physical health and our mentality.  For example, skipping a meal has a different impact on our physical health and our mental state than does eating a very heavy meal which in turn has a different impact than eating a healthy meal.  Likewise, following a workout plan daily impacts our nutritional needs and our mindset differently than missing 4 out of 5 workouts this week.  And finally, suffering from substantial stress impacts our physical body and our nutritional choices differently than have very low stress levels.  The aforementioned examples also impact us each slightly differently in that how your body reacts to stress is different than how your spouse or neighbor will.  This reiterates the need for personalization when it comes to a health System.

Designed to work where everything else fails; our proven methodology helps you achieve unprecedented body re-composition, substantial increases in muscle mass, sustainable weight loss, gains flexibility and mobility all while dramatically reducing stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

What makes us different?

  • Optimally Balanced is a preeminent health and wellness organization that can help you control chronic pain, lose weight, increase muscle and enhance your overall health.
  • Our revolutionary solutions are designed to work with everyone from athletes to seniors, helping you achieve lifelong sustainable weight loss, substantial increases in muscle mass, gains flexibility and mobility all while dramatically reducing stress, anxiety, depression and pain.
  • Our system is built on decades of scientific research and is the culmination or effective blending of cutting edge modern medicine, holistic and alternative health and wellness theories. We put all this together in an efficient and effective delivery methodology to give you the greatest benefit and most sustainable results possible.
  • We give you the tools, knowledge, support and encouragement you need to make a lasting life long change.

Each individual Pillar (nutrition, mentality and physical health) also has multiple layers that interact.  We believe these layers need to be in balance to have optimal functioning within each Pillar. Because this may sound more complicated than it truly is, let’s take a peak inside the Pillars:

Our Physical Health Pillar includes the body itself, our physical activity level, our strength, our flexibility, and our physical abilities.  These systems all work in conjunction for optimal functioning.  Within these systems, there are subsystems that also should work in cohesion for optimal functioning.  For example, within the System of the body, we have organs, muscles, bones, etc.  The sub-system of the heart and lungs need to work together to supply oxygen sufficiently to our body.  If this sub-system is disrupted because of a medical condition like COPD or heart disease, this disruption starts to impact other systems in the body (the Kidneys, the circulation system), other Systems of the Physical Fitness Pillar (less exercising, decreases in strength and endurance) and the other 2 Pillars (either more or less focus on healthy nutrition and significant impacts on our mental state/health).

Our Mind Pillar encompasses the different aspects of mentality including our thoughts, feelings, level of motivation, level of stress and memories.  While sometimes referred to as our mentality or our mind factors, we are NOT focusing on mental health in the traditional sense of diagnosing a mental health issue, rather we are examining all the thoughts and feelings that impact the other two Pillars.  If a client needs a more thorough psychological intervention such as counseling, appropriate referrals can be provided.  As with the other two Pillars, there are sub-systems within the Systems that we will explore.  A basic example within the Mind Pillar is examining the System of stress.   Identifying the source of your stress, enhancing your ability to handle your stressors, and achieving a better sense of balance within your life are different sub-systems we will address.  As your ability to manage stress improves, this can impact other Systems within the Mind Pillar.  As your Mind Pillar becomes more balanced, this will in turn positively impact your other two Pillars.

Our Nutrition Pillar includes our intake (food and beverages consumption) and our vitamins/supplements.  Within these major Systems, we also examine the subsystems within our intake.  Our nutritional needs vary depending on our level of activity and overall physical activity.  We guide our clients to find a nutritional balance which enhances the functioning of their bodies overall.  Additionally, our vitamin/supplement needs vary depending on our physical activity and our intake.  Finally, our mind health is very connected to our nutrition health and often impacts our nutritional health more than we appreciate.  How often has a negative mood or disappointing day led to eating comfort food rather than sticking to your “diet”?  We will help you gain control of your nutritional needs and influences.


  • Our program differs from many other currently available workout programs because we are working with you at whatever level you are currently functioning. We focus on getting to know your current level of functioning within our 3 Pillars and then helping you set realistic goals.
  • We understand that a one-size fits all approach does not work. What works best for one person is different than what works best for another.  We also understand that everyone has different needs and goals.   We have helped clients with a range of physical impairments, nutritional needs, and mental health needs.
  • We do not have a fitness program you must complete 5 days a week or an eating plan that is the only food you can eat for the rest of your life. We DO provide analysis of your current activity level, physical condition, nutritional needs/input, and your mind factors.  We work with you to make slow and steady changes so that you can start to achieve balance.
  • If you are someone who prefers being told exactly what to do, we do offer specified eating and exercise packages. Many of our clients come to us with a preferred work-out method or eating plan that we help optimize.  We are flexible for your needs.
  • We want to join you in working toward an optimally balanced life. Our programs involve an unparalleled level of feedback and accessibility.  We also offer classes and personal coaching to put you further on the path toward health.
We provide and online community, group support and classes, lectures and seminars, and unparalleled 1 on 1 fitness, diet and mind personal coaching.

While the section above offers very simplified examples, it highlights some of the key points behind our programs:

  • We view our overall health as a combination of 3 Pillars- physical health/fitness, nutritional health, and mind health. These 3 Pillars are inter-connected and need to work together to find optimal balance.
  • Each Pillar also contains Systems within them and these Systems also contain subsystems. Our goal is to help you find balance within and between the different Systems and subsystems within each Pillar so that you can progress toward an optimally balanced life.
  • Our program is extremely personalized and works with you at whatever point you are currently at in your life.
  • Let’s reiterate that last point: we want to work with you AT WHATEVER POINT YOU ARE CURRENTLY AT in your life.  Even if you have a bad hip or a bum shoulder, even if you are overweight or really overweight and too embarrassed to go to the gym,  even if you watch other fitness commercials and think “that will never be me.”  We can help improve your functioning together!!!